The Process

To receive a firearm:

You'll need to fully complete the FFL Request Form. Submitting this form will serve as a notification to us that a transfer is pending, what is being transfered, who it will belong to (you ONLY), where it is coming from, and how you'd like us to get a copy of our FFL to the seller's FFL.

Please be aware the firearm must be transferred to the person whose name is on the paperwork. We can't transfer "gifts" from boyfriend and girlfriend, etc. If you purchased it, then it must be transferred to you! I know this can be inconvenient, but it is the law! If you have any questions about this then please contact us.

Firearms from individuals:

Yes, we can receive a firearm from an individual, however, the individual MUST include a copy of their government issued photoidentification (can be drivers license or a simple state issued photoidentification). If the person you are purchasing a firearm from does not do this or are unwilling then we are unwilling to receive their firearm and we will not return it unless it is sent to a licensed FFL and the original sender has paid for the return shipping. This policy is NOT negotiable. We need to know who is sending firearms to us.

Once you've completed the form; we will notify you that our FFL has been sent to the recipient. You don't need to do anything more until we contact you to let you know that your firearm has been received and schedule an appointment with you to pick it up. Please note that we typically do transfers based on the following schedule:

  • Monday to Saturday: 10am to 6pm
Appointments must be scheduled in advance. You will need to bring a copy of your state issued photo identification. Please be aware that your firearm can't leave our facility without you first passing a background check.

To ship a firearm:

You'll need to fully complete the Shipping Form. Submitting this form will serve as notice to us that you wish for us to ship your firearm to another FFL.

Once you've completed this form; we will contact you as soon as possible to schedule an appointment for you to drop off your firearm for shipment.

What will it cost?

We charge a $35 transfer fee for guns shipped to us. We perform the following transfer types:
  • Buyer & Seller both present
  • Estates
  • Receive in the Mail (purchased online / mail order, etc.)
  • We ship to your buyer ($35 + the INSURED shipping cost to your buyer's FFL with SIGNATURE)
  • NFA - $50/item unless the NFA item was purchased from us (no cost for this).

Can you do Estates?

Yes we can! Please use the contact form to get a hold of us and indicate exactly what you'll need transferred. Standard pricing still applies for as many firearms as you need to be transferred.